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Pest Control
Tennals UK are able to supply comprehensive soutions to keep your premises free from pests no matter the size of the site.

Commercial, Residential and Domestic Pest Control

From vermin to flying pests, we have solutions to bring pest problems under control and then provide preventative measures to minimise the chance of recurrence of the problem in the future.

Tennals UK typically recommend 8 visits per year to each site to conduct routine inspections for pest activity and identify any potential problems. Any such problems will then be documented and recommendations for the required course of action made.

At Tennals UK, we are able to provide routine attendance visits on a fixed price contractual basis which includes preventative control measures for the most common pests (this includes checking of bait boxes and replenishing baits). Alternatively, we can supply a solution to an emergency pest problem on a one-off basis.

We are also able to supply and fit a range of pest control products including bait boxes and electric fly killer units. We can also provide exclusion solutions to prevent pests gaining access to your premises.



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